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How does INSPIRE ease the transition to adulthood?


At age of 16, we begin guiding the young men of INSPIRE across the bridge to adulthood.


  • Guide each young man through the completion of goals outlined in his Transition Plan 

  • Conduct education success coaching and facilitate the transitions from high school to vocational training, college or employment

  • Seek out emerging issues which prevent our young men from becoming fulfilled, healthy and successful adults

  • Advocate for effective solutions  


We at INSPIRE believe that every young man can acquire economic success by setting specific goals and working hard to accomplish them.



Before graduating from our Transition Program, each young man will be able to:

  • Financially manage his household

  • Shop and prepare meals on a budget

  • Implement independent living skills

  • Access and maintain family-sustaining job

  • Maintain healthy relationships and lifestyle



The passage to adulthood is challenging! 

The transition to adulthood can be especially lonesome, confusing, and uncertain for underserved young men which place them at a disadvantage.  Often, these youths encounter many barriers that may hinder their successfully transition to adulthood.

Barriers of Successful Transition

  • Lack of housing 

  • Transitional housing arrangements

  • Education support

  • Employment readiness 

  • Employment training

  • Continued educational opportunities

  • Independent living skills

  • Increase high school drop-out

  • Unemployment 

  • Underemployment

  • Increased dependence on public assistance

  • Early parenthood 

  • Incarceration

Having a turbulent time successfully transitioning to adulthood? 


Let us help you along your journey to successful and self-sufficient adulthood.  We are advocates for effective solutions. We provide the highest quality of transitional support that will help elevate barriers and ensure your transition to adulthood is smooth and successful.

INSPIRE's Solutions to Barriers! ​

  • Help you manage and meet your health needs

  • Encourage and support economic success through employment readiness and retention training

  • Education Success Coaching

  • Provide life skills training to help you successfully navigate the adult world

  • Provide access to safe and stable housing

  • Match you with a caring mentor

  • Teach you how to communicate your needs in order to advocate for yourself.

  • Connect you with a stable and permanent adult


The Transition Plan is designed to meet the unique needs of each young man.  It clearly maps out each goal as well as the action and support required to achieve the goals that empower independent living.

Each Transition Plan that is detailed and includes specific options on:

  • Housing

  • Health Insurance

  • Education

  • Local opportunities for mentors

  • Continuing support services

  • Work Force support and Employment Services



The team provides guidance and support to the young man as he navigates educational goals, housing options, financial solutions and daily living activities.  These adults can be any person who is a part of the young man's  circle and have an invested interest in his success. 

Young man's Responsibilities

Each young man will Identify 3 or more adult team members who have been  and will continue be  supportive. These adults may include:

  • Coach or Teacher

  • Pastor or Church Member

  • Neighbor or Employer

  • Guardian ad Litem

  • Relative, Foster Parent or Guardian

  • Parent of a friend or Classmate

  • Mentor or Someone in a career field that you are interested in

Guardian Responsibilities

  • Help youth choose team and support youth’s decision

  • Give positive feedback

  • Attend all meetings

  • Provide support




A Permanency Pact is a pledge by a supportive adult to provide guidance and support through and beyond the transition to adulthood.


It is critical to the success of each young man to establish lifelong, kin-like relationship with an adult who provides structure and a safety net.  This adult can be a member of the  transition team or an adult who commits to providing ongoing support throughout the young man's life.

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