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Group Commitment



Each year, INSPIRE focuses on giving back through facilitation or participation in a community service project.


Individual Commitment

Each mentee must commit to volunteer 24 hours per month 

Each parent and/or guardian must commit to volunteer 8 hours per month. 




Mentor/Mentee Match 

 A mentee is paired with his mentor based on similarities with Mentor and Mentee match questionnaires, interviews, and personality. 


One-on-One Mentoring

During the mentor-mentee relationship, the mentor focuses on the strength and talents of each mentee to help him plan, manage and accomplish the goals identified in his Life Plan.


Group Mentoring

Mentors and facilitators meet with a group of young men at a designated location by engaging in lessons and activities.  These in turn develop the mentee's skills and transform mentee attitudes and behaviors that allow for positive interactions in group settings. Group mentoring is also a part of the Life Plan goals.



Primary Mentoring focuses on young men, 10 - 14 years old, who are underserved and at-risk due to challenges in the home, at school or in their neighborhoods. Our tailored Life Plans map out the youth’s clear financial, educational and personal goals to empower independent living.  Mentors help each young man to integrate skills, attitudes and behaviors to deal effectively with daily tasks, challenges and advocate for effective solutions. During our one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, we seek out emerging issues that prevent young men from becoming healthy and successful adults. Special attention is placed on educational success, civic responsibility, career exploration and leadership development.



Each young man works closely with his mentors who help him bridge to adulthood.

  • Mentors guide each young man through the goals outlined on his Transition Plan;

  • Mentors focus on financial literacy, employment readiness and college preparedness;

  • Mentors coach young man through one-on-one and group sessions, modeling, and practicing skills to ensure that Transition Plan goals are met; and

  • Mentors also help to facilitate and transition from high school to vocational training, college, or employment. 


Before graduating from our Transition Program each young man will be able to:

  • Financially manage his household.

  • Shop and prepare meals on a budget. 

  • Implement independent living skills. 

  • Access and maintain employment. 

  • Maintain healthy relationships and lifestyles. 

  • Provide a stable environment for himself and/or his children.



Upon completing the primary mentoring program or at the age of 15, each young man collaborates with our staff to select adults, friends, and community members to help steward his growth.  These individuals become a part of his circle and have an invested interest in the young man’s success by providing ongoing support.

The team provides:

  • Long term relationship;

  • Continued assistance to the young men.

  • Offers supportive role-modeling.

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