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Mentorship Program

INSPIRE’S  mentoring program is targeted towards underserved, at-risk young fathers and young men 10-23 years old. Our mentoring program fosters intergenerational transfer of experience, guidance and support, tailored to address specific needs of this particular population to mentor youth in navigating life’s challenges.  When 85% of goals are completed at the end of the 12-month mentoring cycle, mentees will advance to the next phase.


The Effects Mentoring has on Young Men:


Overwhelming evidence exists that 98% of youth participating in mentoring programs are more likely to stay in school and attain higher levels of educational merit, 98% less likely to partake in gang-related activities, 98% of not becoming a teen parent, 85% reduction in substance abuse or delinquency with the juvenile justice system.


Great men are cultivated to become the men that God created them to be! We provide a community of mentors who offer hope, guidance and the role-modeling necessary to build and transform our young men. Our strengths-based and holistic approach helps each young man realize his success. We focus on faith-based engagement, character development and encouraging healthy behaviors through celebrating each individual’s unique skills. Our programs build leadership and self-advocacy skills as each young man transitions into adulthood. We believe that every young man can achieve success through preparing for their objectives.


Some of our Life Skills topics include: 

  • Education Success Coaching. 

  • Financial Literacy. 

  • Employment Readiness and Retention. 

  • Integration of Technology.& Social Media 

  • Self-Care & Healthy Relationships

  • Health & Fitness/CPR.

  • Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving. 

  • Social Skills & Manners. 

  • Household Management (Cleaning, Chores, etc.)

  • Character Development & Behavior Skills. 

  • Leadership & Self-Advocacy. 

  • Public Speaking/Conversation

  • Identifying and Coping with Emotions. 

  • Volunteerism.



OUR PROCESS (How We Do What We Do)



Each young man and his parent or guardian must complete and sign INSPIRE’s application packet which includes:

  • Mentee Application. 

  • Mentee Code of Conduct.

  • Parent or Guardian Permission Letter. 

  • Social Media and Marketing Release Form. 

  • Parent or Guardian Questionnaire.



The comprehensive Ansell Casey Assessment Tool helps define the housing, financial, educational and life skill needs for each youth to align INSPIRE’s resources. This assessment tool also assesses the behaviors and competencies to accomplish short and long-term goals. The pre-assessment results are used to create an individual Life Plan, Transition Plan or Legacy Plan.


INSPIRE’s Life Plan

The Life Plan is designed for young men ages 10-14.  The completed assessment along with the mentee and parental questionnaires are used to create life plans. 

  • Each plan meets the unique needs of each young man and clearly maps out goals to help overcome barriers and avoid pitfalls to academic success and encourages positive behavior changes.

  • Assessed topics include: maintaining healthy relationships, work and study habits, planning and goal setting, daily living activities, budgeting and paying bills, computer literacy, permanent connections with adults and utilizing community resources.

  • The mentor and mentee will participate in life skills activities outlined in the youth's  Life Plan.

  • The Life Plan is signed and dated by the Mentor & Mentee after 85% of each goal is met within a 12-month cycle.


INSPIRE’s Transition Plan

Transition Plans focus primarily on young men, ages 15-23, who are preparing to graduate or have graduated from the program.  It is based on assessment, the mentee questionnaire and the parent/guardian questionnaire.  Transition Plans define goals as well as the actions and supports required to achieve each goal as the young man transitions into adulthood. 

  • The mentor and mentee will participate in life skills activities outlined in his Transitional Plan.

  • 85% of goals should be met by the end of each 12-month cycle. 


The Transition Plan includes current and future goals for: 

  • Financial.

  • Homebuilding. 

  • Education.

  • Personal goals that empower independence and self-sufficiency.





After each young man or father has completed 85% of the goals on his Life, Transition or Legacy Plan, he will graduate to the next stage of the program.

  • Young men approaching 15 years old will move to Transition Mentoring;

  • Young men approaching 18 years old will establish a Permanency Pact and be acknowledged for entering adulthood;

  • Young Men approaching 23 years old will maintain their Permanency Pact and be acknowledged for successfully transitioning to independence and self-sufficiency;

  • Fathers completing 85% of their Legacy Plan will be acknowledged for their accomplishments; and

  • All graduates are encouraged to become peer mentors. 


A graduation and awards ceremony is held annually to celebrate the accomplishments of each young man.  Each young man’s milestones and accomplishments are celebrated with family, friends, mentors and community partners.

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